Team Alignment Map Masterclass 

Boost your cross-functional communication and teamwork with this 1-day workshop, facilitated by Stefano Mastrogiacomo 

Spring 2019 | London UK

The Team Alignment Map (TAM) is a joint planning tool. Learn how to use the TAM in your next project and plan everyone’s work together: experience higher engagement, remarkable execution and brilliant end results. 

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Why is team alignment important?


Real Impact

Learn how to focus attention on what needs to get done faster, with a visual tool and a common language.


Fast and simple

Help teams self-organize with a simple 2-step process bringing mutual clarity to the table, from establishing joint objectives to optimizing everyone’s contribution.


Less conflict

Turn implicit beliefs into explicit statements, avoiding the accumulation of problems due to misunderstanding.

Who should attend? 

Senior executives, strategists, innovation managers, entrepreneurs, consultants or business coaches, project managers and cross-functional leaders. Anyone looking for a hands-on tool to improve project execution.

What you will learn:

Understand team alignment and misalignment

Measure the impact of alignment on teamwork

Master the TA Map’s content and process

Experience different ways to use the TA Map

Map your first project

Your facilitator

Project Management Professor | Team Alignment | Cross-Functional Projects | Digital Teams

stefano mastrogiacomo

Stefano Mastrogiacomo, PhD

Stefano is a project management practitioner and academic with 20 years of experience. He is the designer of the Team Alignment Toolkit, a set of simple and visual tools that boost the effectiveness of cross-functional teams.

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